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The Ecological Approach


Where to Go from Here


Where to Go from Here

Now that you have finished this course, we hope you and your collaborators will continue to refine your action plan so you can put it into practice to address excessive weight gain in children in your community.

Cornell NutritionWorks offers additional continuing education opportunities to support you and your colleagues in your work beyond this course. We hope you stay in touch with us and with each other.

Please visit the main Cornell NutritionWorks website and see the many offerings we have related to obesity and other nutrition-related topics in our Course Catalog. Each topic, including this course, has links to practical tools (Tools for You) and additional references (More Info). We also offer ongoing discussion forums where you can continue to discuss this course or other topics with your colleagues.

These are just some of the benefits you have as a Cornell NutritionWorks member. We invite you to learn more About Us and all Cornell NutritionWorks has to offer.

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