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Collaborations for Intervention

Anita's Collaboration Expands


Building Community Collaborations


Steps to Building Community Collaborations


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Planning Action

Module 3 Wrap-Up

Anita's Collaboration Expands

Anita and her team of collaborators have decided to focus on making the routes to Pleasantville Middle School from surrounding neighborhoods more walkable. Their assessments pointed to the dangerous intersection at Maple Avenue and Elm Street as a key barrier keeping kids from walking or biking to school, and one they could change.

But the team knows they need to get some other partners on board who are interested in this specific issue in order to do anything about the crossing.

They have rallied a group consisting of:

A student who wants to ride her bike to school but isn't allowed
A father who is very active at the school
The school's PE teacher
A public safety officer
A regional planner
A member of the transportation council

The P.E. teacher was already interested because she had formed a lunchtime walking club for students at school. The latter three had never been part of a childhood obesity collaboration before, but agreed to join when they realized their expertise and interest in safe pedestrian routes fit perfectly with the group's overall objective. Plus the planner lived in the neighborhood and had young children who would be going to Pleasantville Middle School in a few years. The group also tried to enlist a local developer, but he declined to participate because of his busy schedule.

This working group is set to organize for making the Maple Avenue crossing on the way to school safe enough for kids.

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