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Module 01: Welcome to Preventing Childhood Obesity

In this module, you learn the course objectives, find out more about the faculty authors and facilitator, and learn about course expectations.

Module 02: Assessing

What factors contribute to excessive weight gain in children in your community? Find out how to assess these underlying causes in this module.

Module Requirements:

Find Local Data - Not PostedNot Posted

Course Project - Part 1 - Not PassedNot Passed

Course Project - Part 2 - Not PassedNot Passed

Course Project - Part 3 - Not PassedNot Passed

Discuss Your Assessment - Not PostedNot Posted

Module 03: Intervening

Now that you've identified causes of the problem, what are its solutions? Find out more about collaboration building and develop your action plan in this module.

Module Requirements:

Discuss Collaborations - Not PostedNot Posted

Course Project - Part 4 - Not PassedNot Passed

Module 04: Course Conclusion

In this final module, review the learning objectives for this course, consider some closing thoughts from the authors, and learn where to go from here.


This course was produced in partnership with eCornell and Cornell NutritionWorks, an online continuing education program for nutrition and health professionals sponsored by the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University.

CNWCornell NutritionWorks has organized additional Tools for You to help you take an ecological approach to preventing childhood obesity.

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